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Wu Wei Gung Fu is a style founded by Si Jo Joseph Cowells based on the teaching of Bruce Lee during the Seattle period. It is based on the Southern Chinese Wing Chun style, with influences from other Kung Fu styles, western boxing and fencing, Japanese Aiki jujitsu, and Filipino Kali.
Wu Wei means spontaneous effort or effortless effort. Gung Fu is the Cantonese pronunciation of Kung Fu, which means the rewards of hard work. We sometimes use the term chuan fa meaning fist law or simply Chinese boxing.
Wu Wei Gung Fu training is designed for the reality of self-defense via an efficient close-range style. Though instructors are encouraged to follow their own path it was the founder's wish that the fundamental training be based on the three empty-hand forms of Wing Chun.
It is taught in independent schools loosely affiliated with the headquarters in Israel. Eyal Koren and Joe Purcell are currently lineage successors.
Aside from self-defense Wu Wei Gung Fu promotes good health and quality of life through exercise that maintains physical mobility and is suitable for people of all ages, size, and physical condition.
Filipino martial arts are a living tradition in the Philippines where teachers learned their art from veterans of the Filipino Resistance against the Japanese during World War II.
Called by various names such as Kali, Escrima, and Arnis de Mano the arts were shaped by the native Malay arts of the Philippines and Indonesia, with influences from Japan, China, and Europe.
The art includes the use of long and short, impact, edged and flexible weapons, and in the empty hand component, striking with all body weapons, throwing, grappling, locking and breaking techniques.

The modern training progression goes:
1) solo baston: single stick or sword
2) double baston: double weapons
3) espada y daga: long and short weapons, stick and dagger
4) mano daga: knife and counter knife
5) mano mano: empty hand, boxing and grappling

The core concept of Filipino Martial Arts is to learn the principles behind weapon handling so the martial artist can use almost anything from the environment as an improvised weapon for self-defense.
If you have studied another empty-hand art and are happy with it, you might want to study Filipino Martial Arts to add a weapon component to your art. You are the weapon. Everything else is a tool.
For fun and to deepen our knowledge of martial arts we study aspects of Historical European Martial Arts.
We also offer short courses in combatives designed to give the student something useful in a short period of time and to actualize the arts we study.


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